Codeine Sulfate 15mg
Description. Codeine Sulfate 15mg

Codeine Sulfate 15 mg is a very popular painkiller which is produced on the base of narcotics. This medicine will turn out to be rather helpful for those who suffer from sever pains no matter what they are caused by. You should also consider the fact that sometimes there will be no medication guide to this drug. Moreover taking Codeine Sulfate 15mg can also lead to addiction. That is why you need to follow all prescriptions and recommendations of your pharmacist or doctor. You are not allowed sharing Codeine Sulfate 15mg with other patients. Keep it away from pets and children.
Patients must steer clear of alcohol during the treatment course. Such mixture can lead to fatal consequences along with severe health problems. Do not take Codeine Sulfate 15mg with any type of products which can contain even small amount of alcohol.
Do not over take this drug. Always follow prescriptions of pharmacist and take necessary amount of medicine. Patients should also pay attention to the ability of Codeine Sulfate 15mg influence on their behavior. It has a great impact on activity of human’s brain. That is why patients are not allowed driving a car or being involved in any kind of risky activities. At the same time keep in mind that some patients can be allergic to this drug due to the fact that it contains various narcotic substances. Pay attention to your health conditions during the treatment course and turn to the doctor in case of necessity. Possible side effects will be also described below.
Patients should take Codeine Sulfate 15mg together with water or milk. At the same time you can take the peal during your meal.
Dosage. Codeine Sulfate 15mg

Every patient will be prescribed taking Codeine Sulfate 15mg individually. The most appropriate dosage depends on age and health conditions of a particular patient. The average dosage includes 15 mg of the drug. It should be taken within every 6 hours. If your pain still bothers you, it is possible to increase the dosage up to 20 mg. 
Adults are prescribed to take 30 mg of Codeine Sulfate with the same time interval. In some cases it is possible to take it 60 mg in case you need to increase the level of efficiency of the drug.
The best dosage for children includes 5 mg while time interval between every dosage is not less than 4 hours.
Do not take this drug together with alcohol or other pain killers.
Side effects. Codeine Sulfate 15mg

Codeine Sulfate 15mg causes several side effects which need to be considered. The most common problems are vomiting, stomachache, rash, pain in the chest, nausea and itching. In need to consult your doctor in case of any side effects.
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