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Codeine Phosphate 10mg
Description. Codeine Phosphate 10mg

Codeine belongs to alkaloid group of medicine. It is one of the most effective pain relievers. The substance from this drug is prepared on basics of opium and morphine. It means that Codeine is one of the most efficient pain killers among all other drugs which are very popular with patients.
Patients should soluble pills in water while taking them. It takes several seconds. This was is much more effective as Codeine Phosphate 10mg Pills is transported directly to liver. There drug is transformed into morphine with the help of special enzymes in human organism. That is when your pain will vanish. Codeine Phosphate 10mg performs great efficiency and helps patients to get rid of different types of pain. However this medicine can have different effects on every patient in accordance with enzymes and reaction of organism. That is why treatment course can sometimes be followed by various health problems and side effects. You need to follow all prescriptions of your doctor and turn for medical help in case of necessity.
Dosage. Codeine Phosphate 10mg

There are several ways how Codeine Phosphate should be taken. Every dosage depends on the level of pain severity as well as age of the patient. Anyway, you are recommended to discuss the most appropriate dosage with your health care provider or pharmacist.
The best dosage for adults is from 15 mg to 60 mg of Codeine Phosphate. It should be taken within every 5 hours.
Children are not allowed taking more than 0.5 mg of Codeine Phosphate.
Side effects. Codeine Phosphate 10mg

Several common side effects may occur while taking Codeine Phosphate. Here is the least of widely spread health problems during the treatment course. You need to turn for medical help if you suffer from:

shallow breathing;
passing out;
changes in mood;
mental disorder;

You need to consult your doctor if any of these side effects occur.
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